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Gardening services in Telford

Terracing is becoming a more common part of the gardening experience with more properties being built on slopes. However as with everything in the garden it is all about Making the whole garden work for you and with the right choice of materials whether it be timber or brick the important things to bear in mind are the size and location of the terraces to make sure they are large enough for the purpose without spoiling the look of the garden.

Soft Landscaping
Soft landscaping is the term given to the plants and any none permanent structures and it is surprising how just changing the planting in the garden can make a large change to the feel of the garden.

Raised Beds
Raised beds are a great idea if access to ground level planting is difficult and with a wide range of materials to choose from they can be a major part of any garden design.

This is probably the one area in a garden where there is almost too much choice, given the extensive range of slabs available to choose from it can sometimes be a little confusing to find what you are looking for which is why I feel given the costs involved in replacing a patio there are three key things to consider when thinking about having a patio installed.

  1. What size/shape the patio has to be to enable you to enjoy it for years to come, after all patios can be extended at a later date but you can�t always get a perfect match on the slabs
  2. What type of slab do you want? Do you want a natural stone or a replica stone effect slab and there is also the economical slab for people that are just after an area to us
  3. The budget, after all you will have to look at this patio for many years to come and maybe spending a few pounds extra now will pay of in the long run

Given all the different slabs I do feel it is important to take the extra few minutes to talk through the options and gather as much information before designing the patio to suit your needs

Garden maintenance
Garden maintenance comes in many forms and costs as little or as much as you want or can afford. Due to this we offer a tailoring service which enables you to select the areas that you want looking after, whether that is simply having the grass cut, right through to having the whole garden maintained. Our goal is to keep your garden in the best possible condition while staying within your budget. Prices start from as little as £10 per hour depending on location.

Fencing is becoming such a large part of modern garden offering you a sense of privacy within your garden. There are many types of fencing available and some time should be taken when selecting the type to be installed in your garden as it will be a major part of your garden for years to come.

Decking is both a modern alternative to a patio and a great way of achieving a level seating area on uneven ground. With decking coming in just about any shape and size it is more versatile than a patio and can be customised to fit any garden.

Commercial Contracts
Commercial Contracts are available to cover just about any situation; whether it is having the grass cut or the car park weeded we are more than happy to tailor our services to fit both within the company�s budget and needs. We currently have commercial contracts covering the whole range of business from the small local business up to large factory units.

Water Features and Ponds
Ponds and water features come in an amazing array of shapes and sizes and can have such a relaxing effect when installed in the right place in the garden, whether it is a Natural Pond Lined with stones to a modern raised pond the sound of slowly running water brings new life into the garden.

Garden Design services
The garden design service we offer is currently free whether it is a planting diagram for a new flower bed or a complete garden make over. By using local companies at the leading edge of their fields of expertise we are able to keep up to date with all the latest produces as they come onto the market

Weed Control
Typically a job everyone hates, this is an area which we have found to be one which people typically will happily get someone in to do for them. It is important to make sure that who ever carries out the work if they are using chemical weed treatments that they have the NPTC Certification which is current and up to date as this is a legal requirement for spraying weed killer commercially.

Tree Surgery
This is not an area which we personnel undertake however we do work very closely with a local tree surgeon to insure that the customer gets a quality job at an affordable price. It is important when looking for a person to undertake tree work that the person/company is full licensed and insured to carry out the work.

Turfing and grass seeding
It is important when laying a new lawn whether it is grass seed or turf that the correct type of grass is laid, which is why we only lay Grade A turf from a local supplier and Grass seed is sourced to suit the area being seeded.

Free Written Quotations
As part of our company�s quality standards we will always make a free visit to discuss your gardening needs with you at a time to suit you. After this initial visit we will go away and prepare a fully itemised written quotation as we believe that the best way to explain the cost is to show you exactly what the individual costs are. The one thing which we find funny is when a customer tells us that they have had a gardener in to quote and they just stood in the garden and without even getting a tape measure out they managed to work out the cost of a job.

Block Paving
An attractive alternative to a slab patio this hard wearing surface is idea for not just a Driveway put Patios and paths as well. Given the costs involved it is becoming a more popular surface to use in your garden and enables you to link different areas of your garden using just one type of paving material, giving you a feeling of continuity/flow through the garden starting at the driveway.

Garden Clearance
As our lives become more hectic from time to time the garden can get out of hand, which is why we offer the garden clearance services. This service covers everything from re-taming the garden and removing the overgrowth to completely striping the garden back to bare soil so the garden can be started from scratch.